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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our Week - August 17

Hello families!

Your first graders are working hard and practice their skills. We are getting a good start on the year.


  • Practice words for the week with your child. The more practice, the better the words are learned.
  • Read books with your child every night. First graders learn reading more quickly when they hear adults read to them regularly.
  • Please use the restroom before coming to school. This will reduce interruptions to instruction.
  • All t-shirt orders must be completed by this Friday. (Send $5 and the size, please.)

We are continuing to review sight words from last year. This week the words we are reading: play, you, he, is, she, and, said, are, do, this.

Continue to review the color words: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, brown, black, purple, pink, gray.

We are reviewing these sounds at the beginning and ending of words: d, r, b, l, k (ck)
We are reviewing the sound of short i (igloo).
We are continuing to work on rhyming words.

We will practice writing these words by thinking about their sounds:
it, kit, lit, bit, dig, pig, big, rig, did, rid, kid, lid

We will also practice writing the sight words we worked on last week: 
I, can, we, like, see, the, go, to, have, a

We will write and count to numbers 1-35.
We will work on recognizing numbers out of sequence.
We will think about numbers that come between others in sequence. (22 23 ____ _____ 26)
We will talk about these math concepts: before, between, after, more, fewer, greater, less

We are continuing to learn about living in our school community and the local community. We will read books and talk about ways people live together in towns and cities.

We will begin a study on weather.

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