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Communicating ideas through words and pictures

Writing uses symbols to communicate thoughts and ideas to others. Everyone has ideas and wants to share what he is thinking. Each of us can use writing to communicate those ideas.

Writing is a strong connection to reading. We practice phonics as we forms words. We can use our vocabulary or develop new vocabulary as we search for “just the right word” to communicate our thoughts. As we write and then read our own writing, we are developing fluency and comprehension skills.

Here are some ways we practice writing in our classroom:

We can write words that we know. We might want to practice our sight words or write words by the sounds that we hear.

We write in our journals almost every day. We can write about things that happen to us or write pretend (fiction) stories. Writing in our journal gives us regular practice.

We can use writing for specific purposes. We make waiting lists for popular activities. We write notes to others, asking questions or giving information.

We can write our own stories. Sometimes we base our stories on ones we have read. Sometimes we write stories using our own ideas.

We learn to edit and revise our writing. We can work together to learn how to do that. Then we can edit and revise our own writing, too.

We can write our opinions. We write about topics in the texts that we are reading.

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