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Connecting sounds in a word to letters

Phonics refers to the connection between letters and sounds. In learning phonics, we can translate written text into words and begin to write the words we hear or think.

We will be learning the connection between written letters and spoken sounds. A strong understanding of phonics will helps us read unfamiliar words and develop strong reading skills. We begin by reading each individual sound in words. Then we begin to read "chunks" of letters, recognizing those groups of letters from other words we have read.

Here are a few things we do to develop our understanding of phonics:

We learn sounds that go with the letters. We learn that some letters have more than one sound. We learn that sounds are made with different combinations of letters.

We search around the room to find words that have the same vowels sounds. We list the words that we find.

We sort words by common sounds. Sometimes we sort by vowel sounds or middle sounds. Sometimes we sort by beginning sounds. We might even sort by ending sounds.

We like to make posters or think of words that have the same sound.

We use our phonics skills to read books. And we read books to practice and develop our phonics skills.

We use phonics to decode, to figuring out an unfamiliar word. We may use phonics skills and other "tools" to decode a word.

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